5 New Eco-Friendly Gift For Dad’s This Fathers

It seems like everyone is a gadget-head these days, like the guy on the right! Well maybe not quite like him, but we do love our little devices that make our lives easier, more fun, and more interesting. 5 Eco Friendly GadgetAnd of course, when it comes to gift giving, gadgets are perfect, specially for dad’s: everyone loves a cool new gizmo, and chances are good that the recipient won’t already have what you got them. With our collective eco-consciousness at an all-time high, we’re increasingly on the lookout for gadgets that are eco-friendly as well as cool and functional.

If you’re on the lookout for eco-friendly gadgets to give as gifts to your dad,
here are five great ones to consider.

Water-Powered Clock

Most clocks need to plug into socket, and some take batteries, but this greener choice runs on tap water. Perfect for the frequent traveler, the friend who loves to go camping, or anyone who likes a good conversation piece, a water-powered alarm clock works just like a standard model. The only difference is that every week or so, it has to be stuck under the faucet and filled up like a water bottle. The best part? Even when the power goes out, your friend won’t be late for work. Come to think of it, employers might want to consider getting these as holiday gifts for their team members.

Bedol 889-607 Water Clock Squirt, Smoke
List Price: $26.00
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Water-Powered Shower Radio

Who doesn’t love to sing in the shower? Singing solo is great, but massaging conditioner into one’s scalp is always nicer with one’s favorite tunes in the background. Or maybe you have a friend who’s hooked on sports radio or NPR. Whatever they like to listen to, a Water-Powered Shower Radio is a much more eco-friendly choice than a more traditional radio that runs on batteries. The water’s running in the shower anyway, so why not use it to pipe in a little audio as well as clean up? This is a great gadget to gift to your dad for father’s day and to all the audiophiles you know.

USB Rechargeable Batteries

It sometimes feels like every gadget and device in the home runs on a pair of AA batteries. The digital camera, the bluetooth computer mouse and keyboard, and the wireless speakers all go through AA batteries quickly. Parents of small children also know the feeling of buying multipacks of AAs, only to find that they’re all used up in a few weeks. Rechargeable batteries are great, but even more convenient and eco-friendly are USB rechargeable batteries. These look like standard AA batteries, but the top  or side pops off to reveal a USB plug. Stick in any USB port to charge it up (it takes just a few hours), and use it like any other AA battery. A great gift for anyone, but especially for avid point-and-shoot digital camera users and anyone with a toddler at home, or dad’s that always have to fork out the moula!

Bamboo iPhone Speakers

There are lots of iPhone (and iPod) speaker docks on the market, but the majority of them plug in or run on batteries. But an electricity free bamboo iPhone speaker dock amplifies your music just as well, costs a lot less, and is, of course, much more eco-friendly. Why? It’s just a piece of bamboo with a slot to hold the music-playing device. Bamboo is well known for being a green material, as it grows quickly, requires less water than most other types of wood, and produces more oxygen than other trees. This is a perfect gift for environmentally-conscious audiophiles.

Solar Device Charger

We’ve all been there: out and about, just a sliver of battery power left on the phone, and an important call to make. Scrambling to find an outlet to recharge is frustrating, to say the least. But with a solar phone (or other device) charger, that situation is as outdated as a Palm Pilot! A perfect gift for dad’s this father’s day who has a cell phone (which these days is just about anyone), a solar charger just needs sunlight to get batteries back to full strength. Many models are available, including one that attaches to windows with suction, meaning that it can charge in a plane, train, or automobile. All sorts of models are available, but th one below had the best ratings for under 50 bucks.