Best BackUp And Standby Solar Generators For The House

Best BackUp Solar

Renewable sources of energy have become very popular in the recent times especially now that the depletion of earth’s natural resources has become a great concern. Solar power is one of those popular sources of renewable energy and one invention in this field is the solar generators which function on solar power and provide electricity for different purposes.

In the recent years, technology and improvisation have drastically improved, leading to a lot of changes in the solar power generators. Modern generators have been made efficient such that they work even in the absence of a clear sky.

These days it doesn’t matter how the weather looks thanks to the new and improved technology. If you think this a solar generator is not for you, this post will change your mindset. We have listed the benefits of these kinds of generators and reviewed the best in the market. So, take a seat and brace up for a long read.

Best Portable Solar Generator

Check The Solar Panels

These panels capture the sun’s energy so your unit can store and supply your home with electricity. These wide, flat surfaces have multiple cells that are marked out on their surfaces.

They are generally either microcrystalline or amorphous. Amorphous panels are cheaper, but they produce lower wattage for their size. On the other hand, micro-crystalline panels are more expensive by and provide a higher wattage per inch. The latter is a smarter investment as long as you can afford them.

Solar panels have wattage listed in their descriptions and names. Generator-scale panels range from 20-100W. The closer your solar panel wattage is to the wattage on your battery and controller, the faster the charging time will be. Remember that many solar generators allow for gradual expansion by allowing the linking of multiple solar panels. This can drastically quicken the charging time of your batteries and give you a reliable output for charging and running appliances for a longer time. If it’s possible, go for a solar generator that allows the addition of multiple solar panels. Most solar generators do not come with solar panels; ensure that the model you choose can accept panels from third parties.

Decide On The Budget

Solar powered generators come at different prices. Pricing is relatively reflective of the wattage and battery capacity a generator can handle. Essentially, the more power your generator can produce, the more it will cost.

You will also pay more for smart and efficient designs such as foldable and portable generators. Also, the more efficient the solar panels are, the more expensive it will be. Mono-crystalline solar panels are better than amorphous options as they work better on days with little sunlight, and are also more efficient overall.

For a home backup generator, you should go for a powerful unit that can operate larger appliances such as TVs and mini-refrigerators. Of course, it will be costlier than a basic model.

Think About Your Power Needs

To make sure you buy a solar generator that will live up to your expectation, it is important to know what you want to achieve. People have different application needs, and there are systems for every use. For instance, if you are looking for a solar generator for emergency backup, you will not need a powerful unit. In case of power outage, you will only need power to cater for small appliances such as charging mobile devices, maintaining medical equipment such as CPAP machines, and keeping communications equipment such as landline phone powered. A generator for emergency backup should get you through a shorter outage and is not meant to run larger appliances such as a full-size refrigerator or a big TV.

For a whole house backup, you will need a massive solar generator system which is quite not possible with most solar generators in the market. Unless you install a full solar system in your home, you are going to switch off larger appliances in your home in case of an outage.

Type And Capacity Of The Battery

The battery is at the receiving end of your solar generator assembly. It stores and supply converted energy from the solar panels. If you are buying an all-inclusive solar generator, the chances are that your battery will be built into a casing together with the controller, and you will not have much say regarding the type of battery to use. However, if the battery is sold separately, then you can put some thoughts into the type of battery to buy.

Generally, most solar generators will work well with any 12V battery, whether it is a special solar model or a marine-style model. However, you will need to consider where the battery will be kept and the frequency of using it. Most batteries have their charge life stated in the description; therefore you can get a good idea of how long it will last in your application.

Ensure the battery you will store in your home is gas-free and fume free, and have standard overheating protections. Of course, your controller should stabilize everything on the battery end.

Check The Charge Controller

The linking component in your system and perhaps the most important part of all is the charge controller. It transfers energy coming from the solar panels at a measured rate that will charge your batteries without causing internal damage to them or overheating.

This controller also regulates the output from your batteries, once energy is stored. It adjusts the voltage and wattage of the power that is leaving your batteries thereby catering to your specific appliance or device, and the outlet you are using.

To most people, the crucial part of the controller is the inverter; it converts electricity from DC to AC (direct current to alternating current).

For standard household devices, you will need an inverter which can convert DC to AC power. The best type of inverter is pure sine wave system as they produce “clean” power. This is a simple way of referring to power with constant, dependably-alternating current. Household appliances, as well as tech gears such as laptops and smartphones, need clean power.

Fluctuations and spikes in irregular power supplies can damage your electronics in minutes. Pure sine wave systems are pricier, but they are well-worth their cost. Plus, their prices are rapidly becoming competitive.

It is hard to stress how important it is to have a solar generator that has a reliable and durable charge controller. If your controller gets a complication, you risk damaging all the appliances and electronics plugged into your generator, as well as all the batteries in your system. If your solar generator doesn’t come with a reliable controller, get a quality controller up front so as to have peace of mind that your electronics are safe.

Another thing to remember when comparing solar generators is that while all its components are replaceable, the charge controller is the most limiting and most expensive; it will be costlier to replace than a battery or a panel. It also indicates the extent you can expand your system. Therefore, ensure that you buy a solar generator that has a controller that caters to all your power needs and leaves you room to grow.

If you want to stay environmentally-friendly and still have a backup generator that can produce an implausible 300 watt-hours of power to run or charge all kinds of devices, from personal electronics to small home appliances, then Suaoki Portable Solar Generator is the one for you.

When you need a standby generator for emergencies, this 444WH/120,000mAh machine can be your backup power supply for your basic electricity needs.

The Suaoki Portable Solar Generator is a DC output power station, a USB power bank, as well as a wall outlet, making it an ideal clean power source. It can charge or power products such as phones, laptops, drones, small home appliances, CPAP machine, and more.As a 300W (120,000mAh) powerful charging station for emergency backup, this is one of the most compact power station with size of 9.1 inches by 5.5 inches by 9.1 inches. It weighs 12.35 pounds and comes with a lift handle for ease of movement.

When you connect it to solar panels, this gas-free solar generator runs quietly. It has an inbuilt MPPT charge controller meaning that it will be charged more efficiently.

This solar generator has an LCD screen with three buttons denoted by lights indicator. The LCD screen displays the battery charge, consumption, and discharge status.

best power station“The Suaoki Portable Solar Generator has triple input modes; you can recharge it by connecting to a solar panel (which are sold separately), you can also plug it into a wall outlet, and you can charge it using the included car charger in your car 12V socket.

With an inbuilt battery management system, you can be assured of voltage control, more advanced safety operations, and temperature control. These ensure safety operation for your devices. All these come with a 3-year warranty and a friendly customer service form Suaoki. “

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The Good

  • It is gas-free thereby offering you a green power source
  • Its compact and lightweight
  • It connects to most solar panel kits
  • Comes with lithium-ion batteries, making it lightweight
  • Powers most electronics and small appliances at home

The Bad

  • Its handles are not strong enough
  • It doesn’t come with a solar panel kit; you have to purchase it separately
The Goal Zero Yeti 1250 solar generator has been called by some reviewers “a beast,” and it is easy to see why when you look at its size and the extra features it offers.

This unit can generate an incredible 1250Wh with no hitches. This is unimaginable considering that this generator doesn’t run on gas. In fact, you can charge up to 10 devices if you like.

Another great feature of this generator is that it has a battery instead of a motor and thus can be recharged in various ways. First, you can charge it using solar panels (sold separately). You can also charge it from your car’s engine or plug it into a wall outlet. Although you cannot use this solar generator to power large appliances, it works well for most house electronics and small appliances.With USB ports, standard outlets, and 12-volt connections, Goal Zero Yeti 1250 can practically charge anything. This enables you to keep all your home electronics running.

To protect your generator from overloading, this solar generator features a sine wave inverter to ensure it works well with all sensitive appliances and electronics.

Another impressive feature of this unit is that you can connect it to a series of batteries to extend its lifespan. Therefore, if you have access to other power outlets such as a car battery with no way to connect it to anything, you can connect it to this device and it allows it to feed into the power grid.

best power station“Although Goal Zero Yeti 1250 does not come with solar panels, the fact that it can hook up to them is implausible. That means you can recharge it from anywhere. Depending on the type of panels you buy, it can charge faster than plugging it into a wall socket.

While most generators can be difficult to carry around because of their weight and lack of handles, this unit comes with telescoping handles and its own set of wheels. This allows you to move it around easily rather than having to break your spine carrying this unit.”

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The Good

  • It has a durable construction
  • Can power up to 10 devices
  • Has telescoping handles and wheels for ease of movement
  • Contains outlets, USB ports, and 12-volts
  • Can produce up to 1200 Wh of energy
  • Delivers long-lasting power hence ideal as a standby generator
  • Recharge via a wall outlet, car battery, or solar panels
  • Runs quietly and produces no fumes
  • Works with sensitive appliances and electronics
  • Its compatible with solar panels charging

The Bad

  • It is heavy and thus hard to move around
  • In rare cases, this generator can spark or overheat
The Anker PowerHouse Generator provides an excellent performance as it is proven by customers who are already using it. It is feature-rich boasting ultra-fast charging rate and great portability, just to name a few. Most customers found it highly convenient especially those with CPAP machines.

The unit comes with a generous 18-month warranty for your peace of mind while most brands offer a limited 1-year warranty. Its relatively competitive price adds to its value.

The Anker PowerHouse Generator provides 120,000mAh or 434Wh of power. With that kind of power, you can run small electronics such as TVs, lamps, phones, and also small appliances such as a mini fridge making it an ideal backup generator. With a lithium-ion battery, this machine is highly reliable and has a longer lifespan.It comes with a more compact build as compared to generators that use lead-acid power. This adds to its lightness. In fact, Anker PowerHouse Generator is the lightest and smallest solar generator in this list. Weighing at only 9.26 pounds, anyone can carry it effortlessly. It measures 6.5 inches by 7.85 inches and 5.71 inches and therefore can be kept in small apartments as a backup generator. Besides, it comes with a strong handle for ease of movement.

If you truly want a machine that is dead silent during operations, then Anker PowerHouse Generator is the one for you. It is even more silent compared to an inverter. This is because it doesn’t come with a motor inside it and doesn’t use fuel to run. The unit features a battery pack that delivers power to your electronics devices.

This solar generator features an ultra-fast charging USB ports that allow you to charge your smartphones and laptops as fast as normal electricity. The unit has four USB ports that enable you to charge up to four devices simultaneously. It also has two, 12V DC ports for lights to enable you light up your house while also providing you with a 110V AC outlet to run your regular home appliances.

best power station“The Anker PowerHouse Generator has safety features that guarantee total protection for your home appliances. For safe voltage output, the BMS provides voltage control circuitry. It also features a temperature control circuit to keep your appliances and gadgets cool. There is also an active cell balancing and short circuit protection that optimizes battery performance and protects it, for extended battery life.”
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The Good

  • It delivers enough power to run most home appliances despite its small and lightweight nature; it is the ultimate portable power supply
  • It can support a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Therapy (CPAP) machine for three nights
  • It offers plenty of power; all from different plugs
  • It is a great battery backup for people with basic power requirements
  • The USB ports charges faster and work efficiently
  • Comes with a lithium-ion battery

The Bad

  • It has a low max power output
  • Comes with no solar connections
This may not be the most powerful solar generator there is on the market, but it is a great unit if all you need is a solar backup to charge small equipment and electronics during power outages or emergencies. It is quite cheap and needs very low maintenance and service costs, which makes it a great option for any person who wants a small gas-free generator in the house.

This portable generator is more of a solar capable machine rather than an entirely solar powered generator. This is because, it is a generator you can charge with a wall outlet, car battery, and solar panels. It, therefore, features three recharge ports all suited for various power inputs it can accommodate. In addition to its power sources ports, the machine has AC and USB 12V ports in case you need to charge your tablet, DSLR cameras, and laptops.

Its 150Wh, 1400mAh lead-acid battery is just about the same size as a standard car battery. The power it can store in such a battery is enough to cater for emergency power needs. Therefore, you need to keep your unit’s battery full at all times and whenever you use it, avoid draining it.The Goal Zero Yeti 400 comes with a great design. Many customers who have reviewed this machine have offered positive remarks about its size, shape, and general looks of this portable solar generator. Weighing at only 29 pounds, the machine’s attractive nature that is well braced by its green, black, and silver colors make it appealing. Besides, it has a comfortable handle for ease of carrying and lifting. It is great for people who need a reliable backup solar generator for home use and holding outdoor events.

You can charge this gas-free generator from various power sources; you can use a wall outlet which charges it in less than six hours, or you can use a car outlet to recharge it in eight house. Being a solar generator, you can use the solar panels more often to recharge it as well. The fact that Yeti 400 can be charged using different power inputs other than solar outlets makes it a convenient unit.

best power station“There is a reason this generator bears the name “Zero,” and not only is it because it’s made by Goal Zero but also because of its zero pollution capabilities. This noise-free and fume-free machine will help you keep your environment clean. Also bear in mind that Goal Zero Yeti 400 allows you to charge it from six different solar panels, all with different PV inputs levels.”
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The Good

  • It comes with a stylish design. Even though the major reason most people appreciate a generator is down to its efficiency, this machine offers that in addition to a great design. It gives you more than just efficiency
  • Compatible with different solar panels- Goal Zero Yeti 400 can comfortably accommodate about six different solar panels with different PV inputs levels
  • It is quite affordable. Although not as powerful as other generators on this list, this unit offers you great value for a low price tag that it comes with
  • Has multiple charging sources; if your solar outlet is not fast in charging this machine, Yeti 400 offers you a car outlet or wall outlet charging sources

The Bad

  • Because of its size, this machine offers power services at a relatively shorter time as compared to other powerful generators. Therefore, it should be used for emergencies backup to cater for basic electricity needs
  • Some users complained that it could not power some basic kitchen electronics such as a refrigerator
Designed to be a true emergency and power backup generator, this ruggedly built machine can withstand even the harshest knocks. The colossal amount of power it can carry makes it worth its money. With regard to the hosts of features it has, this is certainly one of the best backup solar generators in the market.

This monstrous generator can cater for all your emergency power needs or when you need a power backup in your home. It is jam-packed with great features and compactly built to withstand any knocks and falls.

With an output of up to 288Wh as well as many outlets to suit your power needs including four 12V DC ports, four USB ports, and three 120V AC outlets that has a solar input socket, this is truly a convenient unit for power backup at home. The multitude of ports will help you utilize the power in this generator to the best effect.

best power station“For emergencies, this generator has an inbuilt torch that can be turned on to lighten up a room. Of course, EasyFocus 500W 288WH does have multiple safety mechanisms that keep it in check.”
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The Good

  • It is solidly built
  • Has a large battery bank
  • Features an emergency torch
  • Comes with a wide variety of ports
  • Integrated safety mechanism

The Bad

  • Because of its size, this machine offers power services at a relatively shorter time as compared to other powerful generators. Therefore, it should be used for emergencies backup to cater for basic electricity needs
  • Some users complained that it could not power some basic kitchen electronics such as a refrigerator
If you are looking for a reliable solar generator that will serve you comfortably at home in case of power outage, then you cannot go wrong by settling for Peppermint Energy products. Like most solar generators in the market, the Peppermint Energy Forty2 solar generator is ideal for powering up small appliances and gadgets such as tablets, laptops, and appliances.

This generator features a clam-shell device that needs to be opened up if you want to operate it. It comes with built-in solar panels that offer enough conversion to charge its battery under direct sunlight.The Peppermint Energy Forty2 also features a quick 12-hours charging time for critical appliances such as tablets, freezers, phones, and laptops. It also features a large power collection of 180W.

best power station“Delivering 1000/2000 watt AC power, the Peppermint Energy Forty2 is a great unit for emergency power supplies that will especially come in handy during cold and rainy seasons.”
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The Good

  • It is simple to use. Unlike most solar generators in the market that are complicated to use, Peppermint Energy Forty2 is quite easy to use
  • Its lightweight nature and portability features makes it easier to move around
  • This device comes with a smart design that adds visual appeal to this unit

The Bad

  • It doesn’t come with an exhaustive user manual
  • It has limited power output as compared to most backup generators.

Why Should You Buy A Solar Generator?

  • Because it is the best thing we can do for our environment. We need to be concerned about our future planet earth since our generations will still live here. Getting yourself a solar power generator is a great way to protect the environment. This is because the energy is clean and there are no fumes.
  • The solar panel technology has advanced, and hence there is no need to have a field of solar panels. There are panels that are small in size yet powerful enough to charge most of the necessary appliances. There are many types of panels on the market hence when choosing the best one for you; you should first consider your energy needs.
  • A solar generator is a perfect source of backup energy. Even if you live in an apartment, you can still own one and use it in case of power outages. It does not produce any noise or fumes when used. You can set up your generator in your home and not even notice it.
  • A solar generator is perfect for camping or just going out of the grid. With it, you can enjoy silence in your home during a power outage while also being able to charge your laptop, smartphone and any other electronics in the house.
  • If you are looking to live off the grid, you can opt for a bigger solar generator which will power even the most important appliance in the house like television.
  • A solar powered generator is basically a power bank you can charge with solar power. To charge it you will need solar panels; capacity can vary, there are ones with 150 watt capacity and others with up to 3000-watt capacity.

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Best BackUp And Standby Solar Generators For The House

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