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8 Cool Solar Powered Dancing Toys

Solar power is now being used to subsidize residential power usage, run large plants, keep greenhouses warm year round, and many other things.

Another wonderful use of such technology is the wonderfully whimsical dancing toys that have graced the decor scene. These fun and colorful toys use the power of the sun to make the different parts of the toys move to make them dance. These toys do not have to be plugged in, and work well anywhere that gets a bit of direct sunlight throughout the day.

The following is a list of some of my favorite toys that have popped up since this trend hit the market.

Solar Swinging Monkey

This is the first product that will pop up on your searches, and that is for a reason. The cute little monkey has a fun and mischievous smile, and the swinging motion is somewhat unique in the world of dancing toys. This fun toy measures at 4 inches tall and 3 inches wide, and can be powered by sunlight or lights from any incandescent bulb.
It works really well and will continue swinging for a good 15 minutes after the direct light as gone. It stands out in the market for being study and having excellent craftsmanship. There are not any other color options, which have caused it to lose a star in the reviews.

This is perfect for anyone who wants a little extra color and happiness in their life, but also suited for any of the following situations:

  • Science teachers: Creates a great lesson on solar power and panels.
  • Hospital patients: Those who have been off their feet for a while will love having this little guy brighten their day.
  • Elderly friends: Sometimes the elderly can get lonely and frustrated. Having something so simple and cheery can do a lot to chase away the blues.
  • Drivers: If you are in your car for many hours of the day, this is a great companion to have on your dashboard.

Solar Power Motion Toy – Panda on Toilet

This entry is definitely the most naughty of the bunch. Obviously, this is not an appropriate toy to be placed anywhere that potty humor would not be allowed or appreciated. That being said, it is really funny, very cute, and works really well. The cute little panda sits on his porcelain throne and reads his newspaper while wiggling his bum to do his business.

It is plastic, measures 3.6 inches high and 3 inches wide, and comes in a few different colors to appeal to different audiences. You have your traditional white and black bear, a pink bear, and a light blue bear. It works like a charm with sunlight or lamplight.

Some of the best reasons for purchasing this item are as follows:

  • To add some humor to your life: Wherever you place this new little chum, he is sure to brighten your day.
  • As a housewarming gift: If you have friends who can laugh at something as classically cute as this, then you can warm their new home with a gift to go on their toilet. Just make sure their powder room has enough light from lamps or the sun to work well.
  • For a toddler celebration: Do you have a little kid in your life about to ditch the diapers? Celebrate with them in style with a cute little panda who can go on the potty as well.
    As a baby shower gift: New parents who have yet to realize that kids’ toys will soon be their new decor medium will love this funky and irreverent transition into this new stage in life.

Wherever this panda ends up, he is sure to have a good time. You can see it in his face. The only real downside is that not everyone will appreciate how this little guy has chosen to try and spread cheer. You will have to be selective in who enjoys his company.

A Flip Flap Wings Solar Dancing Butterfly Flying in a Red Pot

After that last entry, I felt the need to show that this fabulous technology is used in the irreverent fashion sometimes, but also in elegant and beautiful ways as well. This lovely butterfly is one very good example of this. Sunlight allows this beauty to take flight as the wings gently flap and bobble the glorious insect around on his platform.
It is 5.4 inches tall and 5 inches wide, making it larger than most of the toys on this list. That being said, it is also one of the lightest toys on the list because of those delicate plastic wings. You need to be careful where you place this beauty as the wings can be easily damaged by heat, strong fans, and ungentle hands.

Solar Dancing Fun Green Frog Animal

We have had mammals and insects grace the list, so it was time to branch out and include one of my favorite amphibian friends. I love this happy little green frog. So many of these products are kind of cheap and can be hit or miss when it comes to whether or not they will work. That is not the case with this frog. He works really well every time, which is why he has one of the highest ratings on Amazon.

There are other solar dancing frog toys, but this one tops my list for many reasons, including, but not limited to the following:

  • The color is bright and stays that way.
  • It will not fade in direct sunlight.
  • It is almost like it was designed to be in constant daylight…
  • The movement is fun and crisp.
  • It sways to and from in perfect rhythm when it gets in direct light.
  • There is no insincere wobbling, only sure rocking out to the unheard music.
  • The shape is perfect: The comedic big head and round belly make this not quite accurate to real life, but all to perfect for humor’s sake.
  • It is a good size: At 4 inches high and 3 inches wide, it is small enough to fit just about anywhere, and big enough to be noticed without taking center stage.
  • It works well: This point cannot be stressed enough.

Whether you want this little guy for your home, office, classroom, car, or as a gift for someone else, his welcoming style and gyrating hips are sure to win over hearts.

Smiling Red Crab / Beach Tropical

This crab has always been one of my favorite. He makes me think of the beach and one of my favorite seafood meals, although we won’t mention that latter bit to the one sitting in my office. The movement on this toy is unique as there are multiple parts moving around to create a fairly accurate portrayal of the way a real crab moves. The claws, body, and eyes all move and it is adorable.

He is plastic, 5.2 inches wide and 2.2 inches high. He tends to be a little more delicate than others on this list. In fact, other than the gorgeous butterfly, this Sebastian wannabe is probably the most fragile toy I have listed, which is the one negative thing I can say about him. The listing says he is not suggested for children under three, but in my experience, you don’t want any child under 10 to do anything but look at his funny solar-powered antics.

Solar Dancing Toy British Policeman Solar Pal Novelty

The one and only human to grace this list earned his place by being iconic and hilarious. This British bobby gets some attitude as he works to keep you in line. I love having this guy in my office and giving him as a gift to other co-workers. He is firm, but funny and really does remind me to get back to the grind on those days that are lacking a little bit in the motivation department.

He is 4.1 inches high and 2.2 inches wide. This plastic, nodding bobby is fantastic on his own but can be paired with some of his English buddies to make the perfect collection for those who love England. The queen and a royal guard can create a British trifecta of humor. If you have any friends from England, then this is a great gift to offer as their tie to the motherland. He is also the perfect gift for someone entering the law enforcement field, anyone taking a vacation to England, or as a gift for your friends when you come from a trip to the UK.

Solar Dancing Toy Flower – Sunflower

This cute little bundle of joy earned her place on this list by arguably being the one that started it all. Solar-powered dancing flowers like this one were the first toys to really sweep the nation and kick start this trend. She is simple, but sweet, and works like a charm to cheer any room she is placed in.

Even with so many other solar-powered toys flooding the market, she has stayed strong in her popularity for many reasons. Some of these reasons are listed below:

  • She is very reasonably priced: For less than $2, you can vamp up the cheer in your bedroom, office, car, or kitchen.
  • She comes in many different colors: Orange, yellow, pink, purple, and blue are some examples of the other colors this cutie comes in. Whether you want to give her as a gift to someone with a color preference, or you want to plant a whole solar dancing toy flower garden, you have some good options to choose from.
  • Works really well: Even indirect sunlight will send this cute flower wiggling and flapping.
  • Can be a great gift: People of all ages will appreciate her charm and humor. She makes a great gift in any situation, which is good for those who sometimes struggle in this area.

Whether you love her or hate her, you have her to thank for the incredible assortment of solar dancing toys that are now available.

Dancing Flamingo with Sunglasses

Rounding off our list is the very popular solar dancing pink flamingo. He is well equipped for a day at the beach with his jaunty hat, over-sized sunglasses, and humorous swimming trunks. Even before he starts wiggling his bird bum and flapping his pink wings, he makes me giggle. He measures at 5.1 inches high and 3.1 inches wide. I really like that this is one of the hardiest inclusions on this list. The link says he is suitable for children 3 and under, but I think that any child beyond the sticking-everything-straight-in-the-mouth stage will be able to handle this toy without causing damage.

Some of the reported drawbacks are that it has to be in DIRECT light in order to work, and I have to say that is fairly accurate. I have found great success with shining a flashlight on the panel when the day gets a little cloudy.

Dancing Flamingo With Sunglasses Solar Pal By Dochsa
List Price: $7.98
Price: $5.99
You Save: $1.99
Price Disclaimer

In Conclusion

Whether you are looking for classy, humorous, naughty, or simple, there is a solar-powered dancing toy out there for you. These are some of my favorites, and are sure to please anyone who enjoys this fun trend as much as I do.

Solar Powered, Hard Wired Or Battery Powered Motion Sensor Light

Feeling safe around the house, well that’s something everyone should fell. Who likes to walk around in the dark? No one … So you might be thinking that it’s time to add a light to light the back yard or the back door. What should we go with, what kind of Motion Sensor Light shall we go for?

Motion sensor lights also known as passive infrared detectors are devices that are capable of identifying infrared energy. Also known as pyroelectric detectors, these sensors are mainly located within lighting fixtures and security systems. Motion sensors are designed to detect things that emit infrared energy. When used in lighting fixtures, the motion sensor lights are able of detecting infrared energy. This information is then transformed into a command that automatically enables the fixtures to turn on and off. When used in security systems, they are capable of detecting movements through recognizing infrared energy. In turn, this activates the alarm.

How do motion sensors work?

Well, the working of motion detectors is quite simple. It all depends on the emission of infrared energy. Living things including human beings emit infrared energy from their bodies. The sensors are capable of detecting infrared energy with a wavelength of about 8 to 12 micrometers. This is a reasonable range for the detectors considering the fact that most humans emit infrared energy of between 9-10 micrometers. The infrared energy emitted by human beings depends on the temperature of the skin. Once the infrared energy is detected, the motion sensor lights initiate action in the respective device.


Types of motion sensor lights

Motion sensor lights have become quite common. There are three types of motion sensor lights. They include:

Battery powered motion sensor lights

As suggested by the name, this type of motion sensor lights run on a battery. These batteries can either be rechargeable batteries or replaceable batteries depending on the specific brand. The battery powered motion sensor lights are a good choice for small locations as compared to the other types. Unfortunately, this type of motion sensor lights has a limited functional duration. Once the battery runs dry, the whole system stops working until the replacement is done or the battery is recharged.

Solar powered motion sensor lights

Solar powered motion sensor lights are typically solar operated lights. This means that this system is solely powered by energy from the sun. The system is connected to solar panels where the sun’s energy is absorbed and stored in the system. These motion sensor light require a consistent supply of sunshine to keep them powered. Thus, the solar panels must be in the direct path of sun rays for effective and continuous functioning of the detectors.

Hard wired motion sensor lights

The final type of motion sensor lights is the hard-wired motion sensor lights. Also known as the electric powered motion sensor lights, these lights use electricity to perform their functions. They are required as the most user-friendly due to the little maintenance they demand. This high-performance motion sensor light system is easy to install with the sole requirement being electricity supply. This system requires more commitment in terms payment of electrical bills.

Solar powered versus hard-wired motion sensor lights

Although motion sensor lights are available in all three types, the battery powered motion sensor lights are not as common. The solar powered and the hard-wired motion sensor lights are the most common and the most talked about motion sensor lights. This can be largely attributed to the unique features each sensor type has and its effectiveness in its detection.

Below is a comparison between the solar powered and the hard-wired motion sensor lights.

Budget friendly

In this respect, the solar powered motion sensor lights take the lead as opposed to the hard-wired lights. The solar option is much cheaper in all aspects. The only cost incurred with this system is the initial purchase price of the solar panels and the installation cost. Once that has been settled, there are no further costs for operating the system. The solar motion sensor lights use natural energy to operate. This means that the energy is readily available and free of charge. Future costs may be incurred as a maintenance cost. On the other hand, hard-wired motion sensors are quite costly. Other than the purchase price and the installation costs, this system consumes a lot of electricity. This is an added cost on the electricity bill which requires monthly payments. More costs are added when it comes to the maintenance of the system.

User friendly

Both types of motion sensor lights are easy to install with very little work required. The solar motion sensor lights are simply connected to a solar panel that directs the sun’s energy to the system to power it. These solar panels are placed in strategic positions that allow them to maximumly absorb the sun’s energy. This system requires minimal maintenance. Once it is installed, it is smooth sailing all the way. However, the need for strategic positioning of the panels may cause frustration. Moreover, some areas may lack the motion sensors especially if their positioning goes not favor this system. With the hard wired system, the placement is not an issue. As long as there is sufficient electricity supply, the system can be placed anywhere. The amount of maintenance required is also minimal.


The hard-wired motion sensor lights are known to be more efficient and long lasting. This is because electricity provides enough power that keeps the system going. It also enables the system to render effective services. The life of the system can, however, be cut short in the occurrence of a power black out regardless of the reason. It is relaxing to know that this interruption, more often than not is in the hands of the system owner. Therefore, the loss of power can be controlled by the owner simply by paying the bills in due time. This is not the case for the solar powered motion sensor lights. This system solely depends on nature which is uncontrollable as well as unpredictable. The weather could go for days being cloudy or rainy. This will render the system inactive and useless.

Final thought

With safety seeming ever so elusive, it is time to take matters into your own hands. Installing a motion sensor light will go a long way in providing security. The type of motion sensor light to install depends on personal preference. Some may be willing to consider the price while others, the longevity of the system may be their prime concern. All in all, the selected system should be compatible with all factors that affect it. Consumer information such as compliments and complaints may help you. By knowing the pros and cons as well as the differences between each of the types, one can select the most effective motion sensor light to suit their needs.Solar powered motion sensor lights