Top 5 Solar Christmas Lights

Everyone loves making their home look festive with holiday Christmas lights, but nobody loves the big electric bill that goes with them.

Now, there is a new alternative to outdated electric Christmas lights. Solar Christmas lights will not run up your electric bill, and they are good for the environment. Recent years have seen many improvements in solar Christmas lights and they now offer a viable alternative to old-fashioned electric ones. We have tested many of the more popular brands of solar Christmas lights so that you will know which ones to choose for your holiday festivities.

There are many reasons to switch from your old electric Christmas lights to NEW solar Christmas lights. Solar Christmas lights have an unlimited natural power supply and even work when the power goes out. Aside from the energy cost savings and environmentally friendly appeal, they use LED technology, which is cooler running and will make the bulbs last longer. The best part about solar Christmas lights is that there are no more extension cords, which are not only unsightly but also a fire hazard and, you can also use solar Christmas lights in areas of your property that are not accessible by using extension cords.

5. GudCraft Solar Christmas Lights

GudCraft is an online company based in the state of Washington that specializes in the distribution of many different home and garden products. They specialize in environmentally friendly products and are one of the top providers of solar Christmas lights. The company makes nine different types of solar lights, most of which have a switch that allows you to change them from flashing to constant for your Christmas display.

One of their more popular sellers is their Solar Powered String Lights, 100 LED white (35-foot). They come in white, blue, and multicolored. These lights turned out to be very high-quality, made from durable materials, and they seem to last about six or eight hours on one charge. We noticed, that they last about six hours if the day is cloudy, but eight hours when it is a bright sunny day. For the most part, they seem to last until the early morning hours before they fade. One drawback that we found with these lights is that the white lights tend to have a bluish tint instead of being true white due to the fact that they are LEDs. The white ones tend to be a little less bright than your standard electric lights. Out of all of them, the blue ones were the brightest.

4. Flipo Solar 100 LED Rope Light, Red, White and Blue

Flipo is another brand that is exclusively sold through online retailers. What we liked about Flipo was the variety of colors and lengths that they offered. They come in either 50 or 100 bulb lengths. They offered colors in blue, green, red, white, orange, red white and blue, and multicolor. They offer six different blink or flash sequences and some of the brightest LEDs that we found. However, some of the 100 bulb sets actually come with 102 bulbs.

The solar panel comes in a sturdy, weather resistant box. They use AA Ni-HM batteries, which are rated to last for about 500 charges. The battery will charge on both on and off positions. They also have a flat mounting bracket with screws that allow you to fix the charger to a wall. These lights charge in only a few hours and lasted all night long, until about 5 AM. They were still on when we got up in the morning. These are little more expensive than some of the other brands, but the performance of the lights makes it worthwhile.

Flipo Solar 100 LED Rope Light, Red, White and Blue
List Price: $33.99
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3. Westinghouse Solar Christmas Lights

Westinghouse is a brand that has been associated with quality for many years. Now they make a number of different novelty solar lights. They offer a number of solar Christmas light solutions that do not have to be limited to the holiday seasons. This was one of the advantages of Westinghouse solar light brands. They will make your holidays festive, but you don’t even have to take them down after Christmas.

Their solar Christmas light collection includes path and walkway lights. They offer varieties with multicolored globes on top and ones with cute candy cane striped poles. They also offer a number of plain ones that will be great at Christmas time, but that can also be used in the garden and as walkway lighting year-round. They are a little more expensive, but their durability and the quality that is associated with the Westinghouse brand makes them worth it. The disadvantage to these lights is that they only come in packages of 6-8 lights. Rather than having a switch to turn them on and off, these lights turn on automatically at dusk. On a single charge, they seem to provide about eight hours of light. They use a rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery and have 4-inch ground stakes for easy installation.

#2: SolarDuke Solar Christmas Lights

SolarDuke specializes in solar consumer products. They offer a number of LED string lights and specialty products such as snowflakes. They will transform any outdoor area into a Christmas fantasyland. Their advanced technology allows the lights to charge fully, even on cloudy days. They use high-efficiency panels in their products. They come on automatically at dusk and do not seem to be affected by the presence of bright streetlights. They also have several different blinking options.

The solar unit is very waterproof. These lights are inexpensive. These were some of the brightest lights that we found, and also some of the most efficient solar panels. The lights worked even when conditions were adverse, such as an all-day snowstorm. They also still charge in the rain. They still charged and worked almost all night long. In terms of light, these were some of the brightest that were found and the most comparable to light produced by traditional electric Christmas lights. However, they were not ranked number one because we thought the wiring used was a little thinner than some of the more expensive brands and might not be as durable. You might have to replace them after one or two seasons. We were not convinced that these lights were made of the best quality materials available, but they are still acceptable. They were inexpensive, but their quality was comparable to the average electric Christmas light. They are definitely an option for the budget minded.

1. Greenlighting Solar Christmas Lights, DIFFERENT COLORS AVAILABLE

Greenlighting is one of our favorite Christmas solar light manufacturers. They offer a number of different options. They offer traditional Christmas lights that come in 39 foot, 100 bulb strands, and they also offer rope lights. We like the rope lights as Christmas lights because they have a waterproof coating and give you many more decorating options than the traditional Christmas light. This was one of the less expensive brands and can be found easily at many home and garden centers.

Even though they were inexpensive, components were heavy and durable. The solar panel is mounted on a heavy duty stake and is easily mounted on the ground. The LED bulbs that they use are designed to last 10 times longer than the other brands. This was why we placed them at number one. They are a good quality for the money and will last many years.

These lights have an automatic on and off, which means that you don’t have to worry about turning them on every night. You simply put them up and know that your Christmas lights will be there when the sun goes down. They used one of the highest power AA 900mAH batteries, which makes them highly energy efficient. They have several dual light modes which include constant on, or twinkle modes. You can change between these modes with just a simple push of a button.

They have a brightness of 2 lumens, which is comparable to electric lights. They ran all night long from dusk to dawn and were highly weather resistant. They come in a number of different lengths, and color options. There were many reasons why this lighting company was chosen as the best solar Christmas lights. Their low cost, combined with the quality they offer makes them a good choice for your holiday lights. They also come with a one-year limited warranty, which means that the company stands behind their products. These were some of the many reasons why we chose this company as the number one pick.

This unit actually got a 3.8 out of 5 star review on, real people were actually happy with these lights!

Now you know the many reasons why you should try solar Christmas lights and ditch the old electric ones. This review should help you to choose the best ones for your property and situation. Solar Christmas lights allow you to enjoy the holiday season without the fuss, hazards, and expense of the past. These brands are only the top voices on the market, and they have hundreds of styles available in a number of different lengths, colors, and options. There is no reason why you should not make this year your year for going solar for your Christmas lighting.

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Top 5 Solar Christmas Lights

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