Top 8 Outdoor Solar Flood Lights And Motion Sensor

A solar street light is an outdoor light that is usually mounted on a lighting structure, or integrated into a pole.

These solar light mounts, use photovoltaic or solar panels to recharge their battery and power an LED or fluorescent light during the night. Most solar flood lights are designed to turn on and off automatically at dusk and dawn respectively. Some of the best solar street lights can last for a few nights, even if the sun is not available to charge.

What’s the problem with setting up a new light most of the time, how the hell do I get power there! Get the electrician in?? Go batteries and have to change the dam things every couple weeks, end up not even changing them in the end. How bout we go solar, no wiring involve, no batteries, just put it where you want, and let there be light!

Solar street lights can be easily installed in any outdoor area, as some latest designs are wireless. There are a lot of models available, so if you are interested in getting one, it is pertinent that you purchase one of the best. Here are the top 8 solar street lights you should be considering.

8 Solar Street Lights – Recommended Products Review

1. Litom 24 LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar Lights Wide Angle Design

The Litom 24 LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar Lights is a top rated solar street light that is the best-selling in various stores and outlets. It is also very affordable and designed with fantastic features that enhance its performance. Some of the features are discussed below.

Wide Angle Design: This outdoor light has a unique wide angle design when compared to other solar flood lights. It is equipped with 24 powerful LED lights that shine a lot brighter and as such can provide security for your residence or office. This product has three LEDs set up on both sides of the light which allow for a wider range and coverage. It has a maximum lighting of up to 270 degrees and as such can last longer than most solar street lights.

Durable and waterproof: This product is also very durable because it is designed with high impact ABS material. The LED lights are waterproof and as such can withstand rain and other extreme weather conditions. However, it should be mounted in direct sunlight place.

Sensitive Motion Sensor: The Litom 24 LED solar flood light is also designed with a 120degrees sensing range because it has a sensitive sensor ball head. At its recommended height, it can detect motion from up to 26 feet away at a 120degree angle. This solar power light is designed to automatically turn on when it senses any motion, for instance, someone driving or walking into your residence. It also comes with three different sensing modes in which you can choose one that is appropriate for your needs.

Lightweight and Easy to Install: This solar street light is very lightweight (about 8 ounces) and very easy to install. No electric wire is needed for installation which makes this product very easy to set up. It can be mounted on the wall using a wall plug in a few minutes.

  • Affordable
  • 270 degrees maximum lighting angle
  • Includes motion sensor LED
  • Easy installation, no cable or wire needed
  • Waterproof can withstand rain
  • 45 days money back guarantee and 18 months warranty
  • It is a small light (about six inches)
  • Light may be dim in winter so you should ensure it is mounted in direct sunlight all day to charge

2. InnoGear 20 LED Solar Lights Motion Sensor Wall Light Outdoor Security Light

The InnoGear 20 LED solar light is high-performance wall solar security light that is a perfect night light for your garden, path, or office area. It is also very affordable and comes with a pair of subtle, yet simple frosted plastic design. This product will make an ideal outdoor security light and can mount in strategic locations such as your aisle, porch, garden or driveway.

This product has amazing features, some of which will be discussed below.
Super bright energy saving 20 LED solar lights: This product features 20 LED solar flood lights that are not only super bright but also energy saving. The Innogear solar light is designed to provide maximum illumination at night for your home or office. The energy saving light is environmentally friendly and does not allow for strobe or radiation.
Sensitive motion sensor: This product also features a sensitive motion sensor that can detect motion from up to 16 feet at a 90 degrees angle. It is designed with three optional modes and can change from dim to bright when it detects motion or remain off until motion is detected.
Easy Installation: This wall mounted security light is also very easy to install. It has two keyholes at the back of the light which will enable you to hang it on or off the screws easily. The installation of this light requires no wires and adapters.

Durable, Waterproof and Heat Proof: The Innogear 20 LED solar flood light is also very durable. It is waterproof and heatproof and as such is designed to withstand extreme temperature conditions.

  • Durable and lightweight
  • Super bright energy saving light
  • Sensitive motion sensor
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to install two separate wall-mounted solar lights
  • Waterproof and heatproof
  • Small but dazzling bright lights

3. Holan 12 LED Motion Sensor Solar Waterproof Wall Light

The Holan 12 LED motion sensor solar wall light is a single yet very affordable solar light. It is small but provides excellent illumination and also lasts longer than most LED lights within this range and size. With the battery capacity set at 1200mAh, this solar street light has been designed to last you for days. It has lots of amazing features, some of which are listed below.

Powerful motion sensor: The holan 12 LED motion sensor, just like other efficient brands of outdoor solar lights has a high motion sensor ball head that can detect motion from up to 10 to 26 feet at a 120 degrees angle. This sensor will automatically turn on when any form of movement is detected around your property.

Durable and waterproof: This device is also very durable and features the IP64 water resistant lights. The lights are built with two layers and a well-sealed loop that can withstand years of use. This outdoor light can withstand extreme temperature conditions such as heavy rain and winter.

Easy installation: The Holan 12 LED motion solar light is also very easy to install and eco-friendly. It is a solar powered light and requires no electricity to mount or function. You can easily mount it on your wall or fence with the included screws.

This device also features an automatic light setting. It can automatically turn on at night and off at sunrise. It can also activate bright light at night when sensing motion. This feature makes it an ideal night security light.

  • Very affordable
  • Excellent and long lasting illumination
  • Powerful motion sensor
  • Automatic lighting
  • Easy to install
  • Durable, waterproof and heatproof
  • Eco-friendly solar powered light
  • Includes batteries
  • Small size

4. Solar Flood Lights Outdoor 80 LED Solar Powered Security Lights Waterproof Outdoor Motion Sensor Lighting

The solar flood lights outdoor 80 LED solar powered security light is one the top rated solar lights you will find. It is very efficient and provides long lasting and super bright light. It is an ideal outdoor light for your patio, driveway, garage, etc. This outdoor solar street light is uniquely designed and has numerous features that enhance its performance. Some of the features are discussed below.

PIR motion sensor: This solar outdoor light has a PIR motion sensor that can detect any motion from up to 30 feet. The range is very wide, especially when compared to other solar street lights within this size or price. The motion sensor can work across an 180degrees angle and is very efficient in this regard.

80 LED solar spotlight: The super bright and long lasting light is as a result of the 80 LED solar spotlights on this device. This LED spotlight emits 380+ lumens which provide full illumination and maximum security for your office or residence. If you are looking for an extra bright light, this device may be your surest option.

Easy installation: This device, just like other efficient solar flood lights is also very easy to install and includes an installation hardware. It does not require wiring or electricity and can be mounted easily by using the screws and hinges provided.

The solar lights outdoor 80 LED solar powered security light is also very durable. It features a plastic construction that is heat proof and weather resistant. This device uses high efficiency and polycrystalline material that optimizes sunlight conversion to electricity.

  • Very durable wall mounted light
  • Super bright and energy saving light
  • 80 LED solar spotlights
  • Easy to install and includes mounting hardware
  • Activates automatically at dusk
  • Powerful motion sensor
  • There is no “always on” mode, it only lights on motion.

5. Solar Lights Outdoor, Waterproof Double Spotlights Wireless Solar Powered 360-Degree Rotatable Security Light

The solar lights outdoor waterproof double spotlights are yet another high performance solar powered light. It is a dual lamp with a unique 360degree rotatable feature for increased efficiency and security. It is perfect for illuminating any outdoor space such as your driveways, courtyards, garden, etc. It has fantastic features, some of which are shown below.

8 LED spotlight with twin lamps: This solar street light has 8 LED spotlight with twin lights that can illuminate most outdoor spaces. The dual lamps feature 4 LED lights each which allows for a much wider lighting area. It is also very durable and features an abrazine surface that protects the panel from scratching or any form of damage.

360 degrees Omni-bearing lighting: The dual lamps on this device can be rotated, and as such you can set them lighting to every outside corner, making sure every angle illuminates. The rotation also increases the coverage area and security.

Easy installation: This device is also very easy to install on the wall using anchors and screws.

his solar street light has a long lasting light time of up to 9 hours. It also features a stay-on mode that can light up from dusk to dawn. This device is very durable and like other efficient solar street lights is weather resistant and constructed from very durable ABS plastic.

  • Durable and innovative 360 degrees rotating design
  • Dual spotlights
  • Long lasting light time
  • Weather resistant and waterproof
  • Includes a stay-on mode
  • Very easy to install
  • Doesn’t include a motion sensor

6. Solar Flagpole Light, 26 LED Solar Power Flag Pole Light

The solar flagpole light is yet another fantastic outdoor security light. It is an ideal solar street light that automatically turns on and of at night and sunrise respectively. It is a portable outdoor light with unique features for better efficiency. Some of the features listed below.

26 LED spotlights: This solar flagpole light provides excellent illumination as a result of its 26 LED spotlights. These spotlights emit about 1300 lumens which are five times brighter than 250 lumens solar lights. This feature allows for a wider coverage and hence suitable for your outdoor spaces.

Used with 15 to 20 ft flag poles: this device is easy to install and can mount on a 15 to 20 ft flag pole with a ½ inches thick rod at the top.

Portable outdoor/ camping light: This solar street light is very compact and as such can be used as an outdoor camping light. Its upgraded solar batteries absorb the sunshine more efficiently which makes it ideal for your outdoor camping. Because of its portability, it packs easily.

This fantastic and versatile solar light has a very long light life of up to 18 hours of power. The rechargeable battery capacity is about 3000mAh which provides up to 50 percent longer life.

  • 26 LED spotlights
  • Long lasting light life (up to 18 hours)
  • Automatically turns on and off
  • Easy to install, no special tools are required
  • Ideal portable outdoor camping light
  • Installation hardware sold separately

7. 1byone LED Solar Light, Weatherproof Outdoor Security LED Motion Sensor Lighting

The 1byone LED solar light is an excellent outdoor solar light that is perfect for your patios, garden, driveways or lawns. It is a two-piece solar light that is very affordable with an upgraded solar panel and increased battery storage which provides a longer lasting light life. Some of its amazing features are discussed below.

Numerous lighting modes: This solar street light features various lighting modes including high and dim lights, the highlight sensor with eight super bright LED spotlights. It also has an automatic on and off function for dusk and dawn. This particular LED solar light is an improved version of the brand and is brighter than its previous versions.

PIR Motion Sensor: This device also features a PIR motion sensor that activates by heat and motion from up to 26 feet away. The motion sensor automatically switches on LED lights when it detects motion.

Durable and waterproof: The 1byone LED solar flood light is also very durable. Just like other great brands, it is weather resistant and waterproof, meaning it can withstand extreme weather conditions. It is designed with drainage holes at the bottom of the light that drains away excess water to keep the case dry.

The device is also easy to install in outdoor areas such as balconies, fence walls, streets, etc.

  • Very affordable
  • Super bright and long lasting light
  • Three lighting modes
  • Durable, weather resistant and waterproof
  • Very convenient and easy to install
  • Powerful motion sensor
  • The timer of the motion sensor cannot be adjusted

8. 450Lumens Max Solar Light, Upgraded 36LED Ultra-slim Wireless Solar Motion Sensor Lights

The 450Lumens max solar light is yet another great product in this category. It is a portable solar street light with 36 LED spotlights which makes it an ideal outdoor security light. It has a very efficient solar panel for a longer life span and light life. Some of its features are discussed below.

Super bright and long lasting life: This device has 36 LED lights which emit about 450 lumens to provide a brilliantly bright and broad range light with a long life span.

Built-in two pieces battery: The 450Lumens max solar light has a built-in and high-quality rechargeable batteries that help increase the light time of this device.

Motion sensor: This solar street light also features a motion sensor that can detect motion from up to 30 feet. It has an auto on and off setting and multi-choice mode that allows you to select your preferred setting. This feature enables the light to conserve the battery life.

This device, just like many others is very portable and durable. Designed with ABS and UV material, with an ultra slim solid construction. It is also heat and water proof and can withstand extreme temperature conditions.

  • Very affordable solar street light
  • Dazzling bright and long lasting life
  • Portable ultra slim construction
  • Waterproof and heatproof
  • Includes a motion sensor
  • Includes batteries
  • You may need to drill holes for installation; the light comes with mounting holes on it.
Final Verdict

The recommended products listed above are carefully selected and listed in no particular order. You should, however, pick the one that best suits your needs and preferences. They are all highly efficient and have an over 4-star rating on Amazon with numerous reviews.

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Top 8 Outdoor Solar Flood Lights And Motion Sensor

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