Top 5 Portable Solar Generators For House or Apartment This 2017

With the weather becoming more violent and lost of electricity becoming a norm rather than an exception, more and more people are turning to backup and portable generators.

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Having one on standby is the only way to be ready for any kind of power lost. And you know it’s going to happen for one reason or another, but usually, bad luck happen on the worst of days!

Most are powered by gasoline, propane or diesel fuels. But running one of these generators around the house may take up a lot of space and pose a health risk to your family or the danger of fire, etc. Another solution is what this article is about, the use of a portable solar generator for your house.

In this article, we will look at 5 that offer you a solution to your energy needs without the risks and inconveniences inherent in other types of generators.

Top 5 Portable Solar Generators

#5: PowerBox Mars100 Fold-n-Go Portable 100-Watt Solar-powered 12V Battery Charger

By Instapark®


  • Powerful 100 watts high efficiency mono-crystalline solar panel with foldable design, ideal for charging all 12-volt lead-acid, flooded or sealed
  • maintenance free batteries (AGM and gel cell)
  • Stylish, foldable & self-contained design with compact size and light weight, ideal for home use and outdoor activities
  • Built-in controller prevents battery from being overcharged or over-discharged and built-in cooler fan with temperature sensor prevents overheating.
  • Multi-functional 5-LED Charge / Battery Strength indicator
  • Adjustable steel flip stand for maximum sunlight exposure

Our Review:

This unit is designed to keep your electronics alive and charge your car or electro-bike battery as well, so, you can keep in touch with the real world and keep your vehicle’s battery topped off in the event of a power outage. Easily setup and can be working within minutes after taking it out of the box.

#4: EL2546 Solar e Cube 1500

By Wagan


  • 5 solar panels (16 Watts each) unfold and slide out from the power cube
  • 1500 Watts AC inverter (3600 peak surge power): 2 AC outlets to power appliances such as radio, portable stereo, laptop computer, television, microwave, conventional refrigerator/freezer
  • 2 USB power ports (5 Volts 2.1 ampere total) to charge/operate iPad/tablet, Kindle/e-reader, MP3 player, cell phone, laptop, etc. plus 2 DC 12 Volt outlets
  • Includes AC and DC adapters to recharge its 55 AH AGM/gel hybrid battery
  • Does not require any extra assembly; this all in one ready to use solar cube is ready to use out of the package, plus it can be expanded with additional solar panels and/or batteries if more power is required in the future

Our Review:

This unit with its unique design is designed to keep your electronics up and running in the event of a loss of the power grid. While it wouldn’t power your refrigerator, it will keep laptops, cell phones, tablets as well as your smaller home appliances running and allow you to cook and use your radio to keep in touch with changing events as they happen.

#3: Solar Generator Plug N Play Kit

By Offgridsolargenerators


  • 30-watt 12v polycrystalline solar panel wired with an ac plug that plugs into the batterybox
  • Duracell powerpack 600 with three three-pronge outlets 600-watt max
  • Sealed 28amp hour AGM battery
  • Panel is weatherproof (rain, wind, hail)
  • The panel is made by UL-Solar and has a 25-year warranty
  • Great generator for apartments because it’s small

Our Review:
This Generator is a perfect fit for the city dweller and homeowner as well. This machine is lightweight and easy to setup and the solar generator stores away in a closet when not in use. It is the perfect first choice, giving an emergency power backup or to save on your electrical bills.

#2: Solar Generator Kit with Cart, 4 Boulder 30 solar panels, 2 Panel Carrying Cases, 1 Solar Tripod (Holds 4 Panels), 3 Lighthouse 250

By GoalZero


  • Backup critical appliances – refrigerators, freezers & home health care equipment – CPAP machine.
  • Silent power generation
  • Safe to operate indoors. No fumes or fuel to store
  • Rated for continuous duty
  • Easy-to-use & monitor performance
  • Weight 119 lbs

Our Review:
Here is everything you need in one kit to DIY Solar power at home. A complete system that can keep your appliances up, running under the harshest conditions, and useful for recreational activities, such as tailgate parties and picnics where there are no convenient power connections. You can also power your booth at any open-air type of event like a Flea market, collectible show or Arts and crafts fair. This is by far the most versatile system this review has seen. The only minor difficulty is the clips for the solar panels are a bit tricky to use. But, once you get the hang of them, everything else is a breeze to set up and use.

#1: Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator Kit w/Nomad 20 Solar Panel

By GoalZero


  • Recharge by: AC, 12V, Solar
  • Power Output: USB, 12V, AC
  • Ideal for: Laptops, CPAP, TV
  • Kit Includes: Yeti 400 & Nomad 20
  • Weight: 31.5 lbs
Our Review:
This is the smaller brother of the previous unit and is designed to keep your electronics happy and up so you can continue to work and communicating with the rest of the world.

This is a sampling of the solar generators currently easily available from a convenient source such as Amazon. There are much more powerful systems on the market. Their prices can run well over $100,000 dollars per unit. They are designed for commercial use. The units showcased in this article, can run anything, from your home electronics to full-fledged machines that can keep refrigerators and CPAP life support equipment running, important especially if someone’s life depends on them and you can’t afford the loss of your electrical power. Solar is here to stay, it is easy to install and it is cost effective. Give it a go and you’ll never regret the choice, never fret about losing electricity again.


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Top 5 Portable Solar Generators For House or Apartment This 2017

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